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Calling All Champions

It is no exaggeration to say that my grandmother was perhaps the key influencer in my life. I was blessed to have her in residence only 2 miles from my home here in the Atlanta area. If she ever missed an occasion to visit my school, I don’t remember it. She was a fixture at every play, concert and ballgame for my entire school career. Everyone knew her. She became everyone’s grandmother and was known for her “salty” sense of humor.

I think she was such a big part of my life because she wasn’t as “worried” about things as my parents were. I am now the age she was when I was born, and I feel myself thinking about her more and more. I think she had reached a point in life when it didn’t matter as much what other people thought as much as what I thought of myself. She was my champion.

As my staff and I have been recently been reminded, all children need a champion. We’re calling all of those champions to come and be a part of Grandparent’s Day here at Main Street Preschool on September 17th and 18th. We will welcome grandparents on Thursday, October 17th (for Tues/Thurs students) and Friday October 18th (for Mon/Wed/Fri students)*. Each age group is planning special activities and projects for their students to complete with their grandparent. Look for information from your child's teacher about times to arrive for this special time.

*students in Pre-K & K will be selecting one day to welcome Grandparents

Maybe your children don’t live close to grandparent, but have another close relationship in your community. Encourage them to be a part of this special day here at Main Street. We’re always excited to meet heroes and champions in our midst.

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