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Can't Buy Me Love

It’s been said that “money can’t buy me love,” but living without it for the rest of our needs is nearly impossible. As we continue to grow in our programming goals and student body, we are in need of additional operating monies to fund some of these projects. Enter FUNDRAISING!!!

We are very excited to kick off a fundraising event during the month of October that offers us a potential 50% return on each dollar raised through sales. We’ve got extensive tools to equip you, as parents, raise these funds through sales of holiday and kitchen items through Aspire Fundraising.

“Oh no!! I can’t believe they want me to help them raise money when I already pay tuition!!” I know that is what some might automatically think, but we are earmarking the funds that we raise for two very special needs:

· Teacher iPads: Adding this technology to each room will equip our teachers with the tools they need to capture video and photos as well as attendance. This addition to each teacher’s tool box” will help us share media with you so you can, as parents, experience more of the special moments we share with your child throughout the day.

· Playground Enhancements: Some of our equipment is older and in need of replacement. Additionally, the general upkeep of wood chips on both playgrounds is sustainable – but at a premium. We are hoping to add some “nature play” elements to the courtyard playground (between the buildings, adjacent to Church Street) that will allow this area to be more multi-purpose. The addition of picnic tables and other seating would allow us to utilize this space as an Outdoor Classroom when weather permits.

Our sale begins October 4th and concludes October 18th. Think of all the early Christmas shopping you could get done!! Look for your fundraising packet to arrive early in October. I’ll also be sending videos and practical tips for fundraising during the month so that we can make the most of this opportunity for our school.

Your family is a blessing to us at Main Street Preschool. Thank you for helping us raise these additional funds to make our program even more welcoming, fun and educational for our students.

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