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Celebrating the Earth

This year more than ever we need reasons to celebrate. This Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day - what better reason! Creation care and sustainable living is something I have been passionate about for some time now. Many of you are aware that I have been working to begin my own non-profit after-school program, The Sparrow's Nest, that will allow me to teach children about Creation Care, sustainability, and just living.

This week and next, you'll be seeing many videos and mini-lessons devoted to topics such as:

  • Creation Care

  • Gardening

  • The Water Cycle

  • Composting and Vermiposting

  • Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

  • Earth Day

  • Sustainability

  • Nature Play

I hope this will give your children new energies and imaginations toward nature play and creation, as well as a taste of just what The Sparrow's Nest might have to offer as an after-school program next school year.

But this is also an opportunity to share a topic that I love and feel close to with my dearest friends at MSP. Woodblock and Woodly are sure to join in the fun as we share ideas and projects to create and illuminate. I hope that it can in some way inspire your family to take one small step toward conservation of this wonderful place God has given us to live.

God's Peace...Ms.Vangie

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