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  • Vangie Rodenbeck

Digital Fun with MSP

"My kids are going to be home for how long?" We know, right! Never fear, we've got a few ideas of ways we can give our students some creative outlets during this suspension of classes at Main Street Preschool.

Daily Facebook Live

Join us daily at 10am for a Facebook Live session designed to keep your kids plugged in to our Main Street Preschool community. They'll have "virtual chapel" or read a book with Ms. Vangie, have a STEAM challenge with Ms. Lotte or see a science experiment with Ms. Gina. It'll be almost like being at school...except that whole social distancing thing:( Find us on Facebook here:

MSP YouTube Channel

You'll be able to see all of our videos on our YouTube channel. They'll be shared on our Facebook page, but you'll be able to see all of them on our new channel.

MSP Pinterest

We're developing a Pinterest page with tons of links to games, rainy day activities, outside play, imagination starters, arts and crafts to keep the doldrums at bay. Find us on Pinterest here:

Book and Website Recommendations

Our teachers are compiling a list of books and websites that can help our PreK and K students stay on track with their skills while we are out of session. We'll be updating these so keep checking the blog for our ideas. And don't forget to share any great ideas that you have!! You'll find those updated here on our blog:)

We will get through this together! Let's remember that even though we have to distance ourselves socially, we can still support one another emotionally. We are here for you. If you need to contact me you can email me at mainstreetpreschoolfbctucker@gmail. This is my most reliable address right now. It comes to my phone and I check it regularly.



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