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Ideas from our 3s Teaching Staff

There are lots of things parents/ adults can do with the kiddos to facilitate learning and have fun too. Here are a few ideas:

1. Encourage arts and crafts time. This can include:

  • Coloring ( coloring books at home or has free coloring pages to print out for those accessible to a printer)

  • “Draw”/”paint” a pretty/ cool picture using different mediums such as paint, markers or crayons. Have your student describe his/her masterpiece.

  • Practicing their cutting skills. Cut old magazines/ catalogs. This of course warrants adult supervision. All of these activities enhance fine motor skills.

2. Read DAILY to their student. Ask questions while reading and afterwards.

3. Make a “memory game” using old school materials such as paper and markers. Cut out numbers 1-10 and Letters A-M and N-Z. Do a game of numbers and another day do the letters. This is fun and helps those needing extra practice with their skills a much needed opportunity.

4. Online resources: ABC mouse

( is an online program geared toward ages 2 to kindergarten. It does cost monthly. Here is a link to an article about websites that are being offered for free or at discount during the quarantine

5. Encourage music and movement: Put on a favorite CD and sing/dance. Dr. Jean’s website has great music on it! Dr. Jean”s Website: has wonderful resources and is free.

6. Encourage dramatic play at home- playing house, supermarket, fireman, teacher, etc...this is especially fun for those with siblings.

7. Play with LEGOS and blocks. This is great for fine motor skills and could be incorporated with a STEM activity. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.

8. Play with Play Doh. Kids love it and is another great fine motor skill activity. For those without Play Doh at home, our Pinterest has a great recipe for ingredients commonly found at home.

9. Play outside- it’s not cancelled, but remember to follow CDCs recommendations of social distancing.

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