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  • Vangie Rodenbeck

MSP Digital Fun - Circle Time

So many parents have asked if there is any way we could hold a "class meeting," or have a group lesson so that our kids can see one another via technology. Starting this week, in addition to our Facebook Live videos at 10am each day, and our YouTube channel videos, wil will be offering twice weekly Circle Time sessions.

These sessions will be conducted via Zoom and will not be recorded. We will plan for sessions to run around 20 minutes in length, but we won't cut them off if our kids are really enjoying spending time with one another and sharing. Circle Time sessions will include:

  • Songs and fingerplays

  • Calendar time, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and Weather

  • Shape and Color of the Day

  • Letter and Number of the Day

  • Question of the Day

  • a book selection

  • a time of open sharing for all students

Look for invitations for these Zoom meetings in your email. We know days and times will not be conveinent for everyone, so we may try to vary our meeting times based on your feedback. Please let us know how this works for your family. It is our goal to continue to serve you during this time of added stress and pressure.

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