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New Distance Learning Plan

During Spring 2020, Main Street Preschool realized the need to develop an amendment to our Health and Safety Plan that makes provision for levels of protocol in the event of health crisis such as viral outbreaks that call for social distancing and remote learning.

It has been our tradition at MSP to place a high priority on health and wellness, as we implemented a policy of monitoring temperatures daily many years ago. However, we are adding several levels to this plan to accommodate social distancing procedures in tiers that will allow for a cautious response on our part in any future health crisis. These levels and the associated precautions are described in the chart below:

Should we reach our level designated Red, primary goals of Main Street Preschool’s Distance Learning Plan are to:

  • continue to partner with MSP families in the education of their children. Utilizing a variety of both virtual and printed materials, we will serve each age level to the best of our ability.

  • maintain communication with MSP families so that we can continue ministry to children and families during times of crisis.

While learning will look different from our typical classroom instruction, we can offer families activities that keep children dynamically learning during class suspension. Units of Learning and their contents will vary based on age level appropriateness. Based on information from the Distance Learning Parent Survey, conducted Spring of 2020, our plan will include but not be limited to:

· Classroom and Age Level Resources

· Zoom Circle Times/Class Meetings weekly by class

· Activity packets released weekly

· Individual phone calls once weekly from staff

· Text messages weekly

· Mail for children (cards, notes, etc.)

· General Resources for Families

· Weekly emails from Director

· Weekly Devotionals

· Videos posted to YouTube Channel

· Daily Facebook Live!

· Resources posted to Facebook and Blog

· Units posted to Pinterest page

· Resources for Teachers

· Weekly emails from Director

· Weekly check-in from designated Chaplain

· Preauthorized Units of Learning in 2, 3, and 4 week increments arranged by age level for distribution during DLP

· Access to contact information for use in phone calls, email, text messaging and mail

· Tutorials for staff who select Zoom and Facebook Live host

· Periodic staff meeting via Zoom or other teleconferencing platform

We are confident that having a plan in place moving forward will bring all of us more peace of mind, even in the midst of facing future crisis. No plan is perfect, and ours may be subject to tweaks and changes. We thank you for your patience as we have spent months developing a plan. Your feedback on surveys, in emails and phone calls has been much appreciated.

One of the biggest lessons our first quarantine has taught us is that we are stronger together. We pray that this plan will keep us closer together than ever as we move forward as a school.

God's Peace,

Vangie Rodenbeck, Director, Main Street Preschool

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