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Our Food Drive: Teaching Thanks & Giving

Nurturing the whole child is a value we hold dear here at Main Street Preschool. Their spiritual nurture is of special interest to us. During this season of thanks and giving, we are very excited to partner with NETWorks for a food drive to teach caring, giving and generosity.

This is especially advantageous for us as a school because we can actually see this place of ministry from our building, as NETWorks is located between Church Street and Lynburn Drive behind our school. To make this experience even richer for our children, NETWorks has invited to open the ministry to our children for a tour so they can see and touch the shelves and see where their contributions will go.

A list (shaped much like a bookmark) has been sent home with your child to help you in your shopping. You'll notice that it is important that food not be out of date and that these be "shelf stable" - food that will not spoil. Making a special and short trip to the store and involving your child in this shopping process will make it very meaningful for them.

Holding conversations about poverty can be an opportunity to educate your child as well as a time to foster compassion for others. When your child understands a little more about why some people live differently, he may have more empathy for people who experience poverty.

While holding these conversations can seem awkward, it is important to realize that children understand scarcity at a young age. They know what it is like when there is not enough to go around - teaching sharing is something we do A LOT around here. In their young lives, they are going to see a product of poverty - a homeless person, a child on "free lunch," or a person that might wear worn out clothing. We hope to partner with you on these conversations by providing you with talking points through resources, teaching compassion, and service projects that help children feel awareness of this issue without it being a threat to their personal safety.

Resources for having discussions about poverty and homelessness with your child:

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