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Potty Training Tips & Tools

It has been said that the two most frustrating parenting processes are toilet training and teaching your child how to drive a car. We can’t help much with driving instruction, but we DO want to assist parents currently in our 2-Year-Old class plan and prepare for toilet training!

As many of you have already noted, toilet training is mandatory for entrance into our 3-Year-Old Class. This spreads fear and anxiety into parents of children who just haven’t shown readiness thus far this school year. Never fear!! There is still plenty of time before school begins in September and we are here to partner and work with you during this process.

A few tips…

1. Don’t let stress and pressure drive this process. Your child will internalize this stress and it will only prolong this process. We don’t know anyone who went to college in diapers so relax.

2. Don’t tell your child this has to happen so that they can go to school. That is just too much pressure for something that a child is trying to learn to master control over. Again, this will only add anxiety.

3. Don’t impose a time limit on this for your family. (i.e. Teach You Child to Potty Train in Just 3 Days) Every child is different and not every method will work for every child. See some of the websites and books below for varied ideas and methods. Don’t be afraid to customize a method for your child.

1. Do look for cues that your child is ready. Are they dry more consistently? Are their bowel movements more scheduled? Chances are they are ready.

2. Do use incentives and rewards. From gummies or organic suckers to groovy new underwear, find out what motivates your child.

3. Do be consistent. Once you begin – commit to this process. Lots of back and forth from making a concentrated effort to no effort will be confusing.

4. Do offer lots of reminders. This is going to be new for them so set a timer that reminds both of you to “go try.” This will build connections for your child for what it “feels like” when they need to go.

5. Do dress for success. Wear clothes that can be quickly and easily removed by your child. It might be time to say goodbye to those cute overalls for a while.


A Potty for Me!, Karen Katz

Everyone Poops, Taro Gomi

P is for Potty, Lena Cooper

Time to Pee, Mo Williems

Big Boy Underpants, Fran Manushkin

Diapers Are Not Forever, Elizabeth Verdick

Potty Superhero, Mabel Forsyth

The Potty Book, Alyssa Satin Capucilli


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