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Relationships Matter

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our school calendar year, the Board of Directors of Main Street Preschool are in 100% agreement that this school year has been a success. I write this now (at the end of April with probably at least one more month of quarantine looming ahead) because we need to hear it.

It has been a success because children have been nurtured in a loving environment where they began to see themselves as successful learners and high achievers.

It has been a success because some children with tremendous separation anxiety were able to enter our doors smiling after patient caregiving from our staff.

It has been a success because we added so many new families to our larger "Main Street Family," making us more diverse and stronger than ever.

And it has been a success because relationships have been built. Relationships matter.

The teachers at MSP know that to teach any child any skill, they must first build a relationship with that child. Their first task of the year is to learn the children themselves so that, together, they may become partners in the learning process. With relationships as our foundation, we can instill a love of learning in the students of MSP.

This is our legacy at Main Street Preschool - nurturing children, patient caregiving, welcoming arms, and lasting relationships.

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