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Update - March 20, 2020

Parent Update - March 20, 2020

As I sit watching the 6am news, it feels hard to face another day. But amid the reports of curfew and new outbreak numbers, I am hearing stories of businesses and organizations finding ways to feed and care for others. Yet, nonetheless, our lives have definitely been disrupted.

With everything inside me, I wish I could tell you how long it would be disrupted. I wish I could give you a date when we’d be back to school and back to “normal.” But I can’t do that.

I can say these things with confidence:

  • We are working to provide resources to your family during this stressful time. We will continue our Facebook Live! At 10am weekdays. Our YouTube channel will continue to add videos of book readings, mini-lessons, music time, and chapels - all with challenges to get your children inspired to do and learn at home.

  • We are adding daily to our Pinterest page with educational, social and emotional resources for your family. We hope these can save you some time and energy, also providing you with last minute ideas for restless kiddos.

  • I am available via text and phone at 770-314-5775. You can also email me at This comes directly to my phone allowing me to answer you quickly and efficiently.

  • Teachers plan on communicating with families via text, phone or email weekly moving forward. We pray you continue to see us as a support and resource for your child’s day-to-day education.

  • I will update families weekly about our status as a school - even if I don’t have any new information. It seems fairly certain that we will be learning at home through at least the end of March. Beyond that date - I just cannot forecast with integrity and accuracy.

  • We will still take enrollment for the 2020 school year. Early Bird Registration is $75 through April 15th.

Even though we cannot be together in body, we are very much with you in spirit. The teachers and I think about your children every day. We desperately wish we could be with them. As always, please stay in touch with your questions and concerns.

God’s peace,

Vangie Rodenbeck

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