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We Teach

Last week I asked our teachers to complete a short visioning activity. I gave them a prompt and had them write the first three things that came to mind. This was the prompt:

At Main Street Preschool, we believe in…

The answers were nothing short of dazzling. I was truly inspired as I read through their thoughts on what we actually do at Main Street Preschool each day. I used their ideas to reword our website and reframe our marketing campaign. 

One of the teachers brought me this picture and said, “I think this is us.”

As I reflected on the ideas of the meme, I had to admit that in my short time at MSP, I have seen teachers do these things day in and day out. Perhaps the most impressive is the last, “I learn everyday.” 

We, the teachers, are learning each and everyday. We are learning your children. We learn their hopes and dreams. We learn their likes and dislikes. We know their third favorite color and their favorite superheroes. It is our business to learn everything we can about our students and what they need from us before we can teach them well

I think this sets us apart at MSP. Our students are our friends and partners in the learning process. Teaching is serious business for us. If you come for a tour you won’t hear our test scores quoted, or loads of statistics about advanced placement of our students. But you will hear children laughing as they learn to love to learn. If we can make them love learning, we feel like we have not only “done our job” but completed our mission.

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