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  • Vangie Rodenbeck

Why Choose Main Street Preschool?

The pressures of parenthood seem never ending! Every parent will tell you it is their heart’s desire to provide the very best of everything for their child – from a top of the line backyard playset to their educational future. But in truth, families are different and have different needs and different resources with which to provide those needs. Weighing personal resources against what a piece of research might say is “top of the line” for our children can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Nothing can produce as much anxiety as determining their educational path. Start early? Be conservative and wait? Begin at home or go private? When should we go to public school? How early is it to begin testing? What happens if my child doesn’t learn typically? What then?

Our staff at MSP has walked alongside parents who have wrestled with these questions for 50 years. And while education has changed quite a bit during that time, the way parents love their children has not. We’ve compiled a comparison chart for those of you who are struggling to decide about public or private PreK and Kindergarten programs. While this is not exhaustive, we hope it can be a tool your family might use to make the decision that is right for you and your child.


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